EXPERIENCE: Labour & Employment

We have worked for employees and employers to ensure the rights of everyone in the workplace are protected.

Some of those legal services include the following:

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  • Assisted in researching, developing, and drafting judgment in Alberta (Human Rights and Citizenship Commission) v. Kellogg Brown & Root (Canada) Co. for the Court of Queen’s Bench.
  • Represented an Alberta Regional Health Authority on all employment matters such as contracts and dismissal, but also including health specific issues such as ethical, procedural, privacy, medical records, etc.
  • Represented an Alberta College in all employment matters.
  • Representing various professionals with employment issues including contracts, dismissal, and associate/partnership agreements.
  • Representing individuals in wrongful dismissal cases against their employer from demand letter, through to statement of claim and settlement. In addition to local disputes, dealt with multi-national companies such as Xerox, Lockheed Martin, and Bell Canada with respect to the dismissal of senior executives.
  • Representing individuals in cases in which the Alberta Human Rights Citizenship and Multiculturalism Act applied. Including cases involving race, gender, physical disability, and sexual orientation.
  • Advising American-based companies who intend to employ people in Canada on Canadian labour laws.
  • Drafting and advising on stock-option plans for Alberta-based oil & gas companies.
  • Drafting pre-emptive non-competition agreements, and settlement or termination related non-competition agreements.
  • Drafting consulting agreements.
  • Advising NHL Member Clubs on non-player, front office and concession employment contracts and dismissal.

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